Maui, Hawaii

Maui Sunset 

Erickson Structural performed a limited structural evaluation of the buildings at Maui Sunset Condominiums in Kihei, Hawaii., including observing structural components such as exterior lanais, roof framing, building exterior, etc. and opining upon the need for structural repairs. Erickson Structural recommended replacement of the severely corroded steel posts at the building corner lanais. The design consisted of replacing one stack of steel posts with two posts. Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) was added to strengthen the existing top PT slabs. The corner portions of the partial height lanai masonry walls were demolished to accommodate the construction; care was taken to ensure that the original aesthetics of the lanais were restored. Erickson Structural worked closely with the contractor to ensure a successful project.

Erickson Structural has completed the work for one building and is currently designing similar structural repairs for an adjacent building on the same property.