Tower Crane Collapse

A tower crane for a project in Bellevue, Washington, collapsed, causing significant property loss, construction delays and loss of life.  Erickson Structural was retained to conduct a forensic investigation into the structural engineering design and construction of the unique crane base that supported the tower crane.  During the investigation, Erickson Structural  reviewed thousands of documents generated during the course of the project, conducted independent structural engineering analyses, and opined upon the proximate cause of the failure of the tower crane base.  Erickson Structural’s opinions were based upon a synthesis of many different types and sources of information, including design and construction correspondence, deposition transcripts, original design calculations, contracts and construction documents.  Erickson Structural’s investigation included an assessment of both technical topics, such as the structural design, detailing and fabrication of the crane base, and non-technical contributing factors, including communication and coordination issues.

Mr. Erickson was also retained to act as an expert witness in this matter.

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