Kona Pacific Condominiums

The Kona Pacific Condominiums, located in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, are a mid-rise condominium complex, comprised of six buildings, constructed circa 1979.  In 2006, investigative studies were commissioned to evaluate moisture intrusion and resulting structural distress to concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls and concrete columns, walls and slabs.  The resulting reports identified multiple locations of moisture intrusion and subsequent damage to CMU and concrete structural elements.  The reports recommend several remediation measures, including the removal and replacement of the existing water-proofing system, and the repair of spalled and damaged concrete and CMU structural elements.  Kona Pacific Condominium Association of Apartment Owners (AOAO) intended to implement these, and other, recommendations by undertaking a construction repair project.  Erickson Structural personnel were retainted to assist with this objective.

Erickson Structural personnel performed an initial structural condition assessment, intended to clearly identify structural repair needs, scope and costs, prior to procuring construction services.  This approach allowed the Kona Pacific AOAO to better plan and manage the repair scope, process and associated costs.


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