Albers Mill Building

Erickson Structural personnel were retained to perform a seismic evaluation of the Albers Mill Building, located in Portland, Oregon.  As a federal agency intended to renew its lease for space in the building, the General Services Administration (GSA) required that the building meet the life safety seismic performance specifications of ICSSC RP6, “Standards of Seismic Safety for Existing Federally Owned and Leased Buildings”, as a stipulation of the lease agreement.  This document utilizes the methodologies of ASCE 31, which represents the current state of the art methodology in the seismic evaluation of existing buildings, and is comprised of three increasingly complex tiers of evaluation.

The seismic evaluation of the Albers Mill Building was conducted according to the procedures of ASCE 31, using Life Safety performance criteria.  The structural and non-structural systems of the building were seismically evaluated.  At the conclusion of the evaluation, a written report and presentation were produced to summarize the resulting findings, conclusions and recommendations.


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