Remediation Designs for Structurally Distressed Buildings

Erickson Structural investigates buildings exhibiting structural distress due to age, climate, wear and usage, natural catastrophes (including fires, soil movement and water-induced structural damage), excessive building loading, and original design or construction flaws. Our investigations generally conclude with a formal report summarizing the distress issue(s) and their cause(s); along with recommendations for a range of possible repair options. Once an appropriate solution is selected, we work closely with building owners, cost estimators, design team members, contractors, insurance carriers, and attorneys to develop thorough documentation outlining necessary remediation.

Specific Services:

Perform initial building investigation
Perform building usage/wear research
Review construction documents (including RFIs, shop drawings, and other correspondence)
Investigate alleged design errors and construction flaws
Develop and design materials testing plans (destructive and non-destructive)
Perform forensic analysis of existing building materials, structural systems, and construction techniques
Review and reproduce structural calculations
Provide litigation support
Report findings and recommendations