Structural Forensic Investigations

Erickson Structural is frequently consulted to determine the cause(s) of unexpected or substandard performance of building structures.  We routinely determine the primary structural cause(s) of the incident(s) and contributing factors.  A review of both design and construction procedures is an essential aspect of most investigations.  We routinely provide consultation, investigation, structural analysis, destructive and non-destructive testing, technical reports, and can serve as an expert witness.  We can also assist with the development of remediation designs, remediation cost estimates and provide engineering support services during the construction phase.

We are often called upon to assist with the investigation of insurance claims that involve structural loss.  We observe and document the extent of the damage, conduct tests or perform sub’surface investigations, establish the proximate cause(s) of the damage, recommend repairs and prepare a final report usable by the various parties involved in the claim.

Erickson Structural has the professional credentials and proven track record to assist you in a wide range of claims involving buildings’ structural systems. You can take confidence in our knowledge, technical detail, and practical structural engineering experience.

Representative Services:

Perform proximate cause investigations
Assess construction defects
Assess design errors
Assess materials defects
Develop testing and monitoring systems
Review design and construction documents
Determine extent of damage
Prepare schematic remediation designs suitable for scoping and pricing
Prepare final remediation designs suitable for permitting, bidding and construction
Provide assistance during the remediation phase
Provide expert witness services