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October 2012

Esther Short Park Bell Tower

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Erickson Structural designed the structural aspects of the improvements to the Esther Short Park Bell Tower, intended to provide the City of Vancouver employees with OSHA-compliant access to the bell tower for maintenance purposes.  The improvements included a new, steel-framed access platform and a ladder connecting the new platform to an existing platform, both of which are located near the top of the bell tower.  The new platform rests upon an existing tube steel frame used to support the bells within the tower.  The new platforms are accessed via an external lift crane to which employees tie-off, then step onto the platform while still clipped to the crane, and then clip onto a new D-ring on the bell tower to transfer.  This arrangement allows employees to remain harnessed in at all times, avoiding the need for a safety guardrail around the perimeter of the bell tower.