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August 2012

Erickson Structural Company Picnic

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On August 11, 2012, the employees at Erickson Structural gathered at the Frenchman’s Bar Park for the annual company picnic.  Events like these allow our employees to bond personally and meet each other’s families, which builds a stronger working relationship and makes Erickson Structural a great place to work!

Woodburn High School Fire Damage

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Woodburn High School, located in Woodburn, Oregon, experienced a fire that originated in the shop and spread to adjacent areas of the school.  Concern was expressed regarding the structural integrity of the affected portions of the remaining structure, including the CMU and concrete walls.  Erickson Structural conducted a forensic investigation of the Woodburn High School, which included observation of the school building and documentation of the extent of structural damage caused by the fire.  Destructive and non-destructive testing plans were developed and supervised, and recommendations for structural repair were presented in a written report.

BIA of Clark County Member

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Erickson Structural is now a member of the Building Industry Association of Clark County (BIA).  The Building Industry Association of Clark County is a trade association of more than 900 members representing the interests of all businesses involved in land development and construction. BIA members come from all sectors of the building trades including bankers, plumbers, electricians, attorneys, excavators, and builders.  Read more about the BIA here: