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May 2011

St. Paul High School

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More than 30,000 square feet of the interior of the St. Paul High School, in St. Paul, Oregon, underwent an extensive renovation while a 4,000 square-foot addition was built to house science classes. Erickson Structural personnel functioned as the Engineer of Record on this project, which included site observations and responses to contractor inquiries and to City or County officials .



Montgomery Park Plaza Office Building

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Erickson Structural performed a structural evaluation of the existing concrete floor slab of the Montgomery Park Plaza Office Building, located in Portland, Oregon, to determine its ability to support the additional weight of a topping/leveling slab added to two office spaces within the building.  Additionally, a multiple number of holes were cored through the existing slab to allow for new plumbing as part of the remodel.

Utilizing information gleaned from the original construction drawings and non-destructive testing of the slab to determine the presence of reinforcing steel, Erickson Structural was able to analyze the slab and recommend appropriate strengthening measures to compensate for the added weight and new holes.


CANstruction 2011

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In April, 2011, Erickson Structural was involved in the Portland CANstruction, put on by the Society for Design Administration (SDA).   CANstruction is a competition for AEC-industry firms in which structures are built with canned food.  The food is then donated to the Oregon Food Bank.  Amy Metteer, Administrative Assistant for Erickson Structural, was a committee member, assisting with acquiring jury members for the judging of the structures.  Brandon Erickson was a jury member and presented the “Best Engineering Ingenuity” award at the CANstruction Gala on April 26, 2011.  To learn more about CANstruction and to see photos of this year’s structures visit!/Canstructionpdx.

Wimbledon Square Apartments

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Several apartment units on the first and second floors of the Wimbledon Square Apartments, located in Portland, Oregon, were entirely destroyed as the result of a fire.  Damages included the structural roof framing, supporting wall framing, floor framing, architectural finishes, fire rated assemblies and appliances.  However, less than 50% of the building area had been damaged by the fire, therefore a building-wide mandatory seismic upgrade was not required by the City of Portland.  Damaged framing or components of the lateral force-resisting system  were designed to comply with current building codes.  Erickson Structural personnel performed site visits to observe and document the structural damage and then provided structural engineering design for the recommended repairs of the fire-damaged portions of the structure.

SE Hawthorne Fire Damage

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Erickson Structural personnel were retained to assess the extent of fire damage to this three-tenant commercial building, and to provide structural remediation design services.  Though the majority of the fire damage was contained to one of the tenant spaces, damage did extend to the roof structure above the adjacent tenant spaces.  Erickson Structural personnel successfully designed the required structural repairs in a manner that minimized disturbance to adjacent tenant spaces.  Though damaged structural components were replaced with code-compliant repairs, a full-building seismic upgrade was avoided based upon Erickson Structural personnel’ assessment of the extent of the fire damage and coordination with the City of Portland.


Sinnott Building

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This historical three-story, unreinforced masonry building, located in Portland, Oregon, was declared a “dangerous building” by the City of Portland Bureau of Development Services.  Nine specific responsibilities were identified by the City of Portland that the building owner was required to address, two of which prompted the involvement of a structural engineer.   Erickson Structural personnel were retained to address the deficiencies associated with portions of the parapet braces and cornices.  Erickson Structural personnel performed site visits to observe existing conditions during the construction of the repairs and developed construction documents depicting the temporary structural remediation of the parapet braces and cornices.


Consolidated Supply

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After water had chronically infiltrated the Consolidated Supply building’s exterior envelope and created substantial structural damage, Erickson Structural personnel were retained to evaluate and repair the resulting structural damage.  To maintain ongoing business operations within the building, the building’s exterior skin was removed and evaluated a section at a time, and damaged structural framing was repaired utilizing techniques developed in consultation with the general contractor.  An addition to the building was also designed and constructed during this project.

Erickson Structural personnel worked closely with the repair contractor to coordinate construction in phases, thus avoiding having the entire building exterior open at once, and ensuring ongoing business operations.