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August 2010

Brigham Young University Seismic Evaluation

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Erickson Structural personnel were retained to perform a structural evaluation of the existing buildings located on the Brigham Young University Hawaii (BYUH) campus.  The primary objective of this screening phase was to develop a prioritization for future, more detailed, evaluations of individual buildings based upon the relative risk from seismic-, wind- and tsunami-induced hazards.  Erickson Structural personnel documented the inventory of buildings on campus, determined the lateral force-resisting system of each building, and determined the age and materials of construction, based upon a review of the available construction drawings. “Sidewalk surveys” of each building were also performed by briefly observing the interior and exterior of each building, noting specific characteristics that were perceived to influence structural risk.

After the initial screening phase, Erickson Structural personnel were retained to perform detailed structural evaluations of the Joseph F. Smith Library and the Ballroom.  The structural evaluations considered two natural hazard-induced risks: earthquakes and hurricanes.  The evaluations identified structural deficiencies and proposed corresponding remediation schemes to mitigate those deficiencies.  The remediation schemes were developed to a schematic level suitable for scoping and cost estimating purposes, which allowed the owners to make strategic budgetary decisions.