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January 2010

Office Renovation

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Renovations were made to an existing, pre-engineered metal building, including the construction of a new steel and concrete elevated floor (mezzanine), measuring approximately 312 feet by 42 feet in plan, within the existing building. Multiple deviations from the structural construction documents prompted the owner to commission a general review of the structural integrity of the building structure, including a load test of portions of the elevated floor slab.  Erickson Structural personnel served as an expert witness in the resulting litigation initiated by the building owner.




Honokeana Resort Condominiums

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The Honokeana Resort Condominiums, located in Lahaina, Hawaii, was exhibiting signs of structural distress, such as, distortion and cracking of walls, sloping floors and settlement of adjacent sidewalks.  The Association of Apartment Owners (AOAO) retained the services of a structural engineer who recommended that the AOAO solicit a second opinion from another structural engineer.  The AOAO then retained Erickson Structural to ascertain the structural integrity of the building and the stability of specific structural members.

Erickson Structural reviewed available documents, conducted multiple site observation visits and developed a plan for the observation and monitoring of strategic structural floor-to-wall connections.  Erickson Structural monitored the structural safety of the building while permanent repairs were designed and installed.  A final report was created in collaboration with the original structural engineer.  The remedial measures were designed and installed based upon project-specific criteria established by Erickson Structural.

Old Wailuku Post Office

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Erickson Structural was retained to perform a structural assessment of the former Wailuku Post Office, located in Wailuku, Hawaii, to determine what structural implications might be associated with the conversion of the building to office use by the County of Maui.  Erickson Structural was also asked to comment upon the physical condition of the building and to provide initial opinions regarding the structural feasibility of the proposed conversion.  The initial assessment revealed cracked exterior concrete panels, corroded reinforcing steel and minor water infiltration.  However, the building was deemed structurally sound and a viable candidate for remediation.